Sunday, February 3, 2008

Superbowl Mystery Quilt

Quiltbug decided she was going to host[ess?] a mystery quilt today, Superbowl Sunday. Her website is Instructions were terriffic and I finally finished the blocks at 7 p.m., California time. I didn't start until after 10 this morning: needed breakfast and took the dogs for a walk between the rain storms.

The pattern used browns, blues and cats [which I have lots of], but I used reds, greens and dinosaurs [not quite sure how that happened]. EVERYTHING came from my stash or store.

There were cutting instructions prior to Sunday, but today we had to cut and make 80 [arghhh!] half square triangles, 20 each from 2 different sets of fabric. I made the first set and then went to lunch [had great porkchops and saurkraut and even better company] and then took the dogs for another walk, then did the 2nd set of half square triangles.

Here are the finished blocks laid out on the kitchen floor [best light in the house] with a closeup of border fabric. I managed to get lime green in one triangle set and it is also the outer border [the dinosaurs are the inner dark border]. The borders show better in the photo below this one.

As much as I love Superbowl commercials, there is WAAAAAY to much football in between, so will keep my eyes out for the hour special later this week that shows the best of the commercials.
I have also made and finished a quilt to hang in our dining room. For you quilters, it was shown in one of the Keepsake Quilting catalogs - coffee cups with bright colors around them. I can't put a photo here, yet, because it's going to be unveiled later this month in the dining room along with another quilt [hearts] that is still being made by other quilters in our group here at the gardens.

Hope your team won today! Stay warm and dry.