Sunday, July 15, 2007

It's Sunday evening and moving day is on Tuesday morning [at the unbelievable hour of 8 a.m.!!]

I started a metal bookcase in the bedroom and am planning on putting small containers on the bottom shelf [works in progress - or just fun fabrics that I can look at as spots of color in the room as I go to sleep], then magazines in nice magazine holders on the next shelf up - and then my books on tape on the top of the shelf. It will be just above window height.

I was there 3 times today and the sun doesn't hit directly into the room either front or back - so I won't worry about items being sun-damaged over the years.

There will be photos and commentary after the Tuesday move [that night I'm going to Marie's sewing class so won't have anything until Wednesday]

Monday, July 9, 2007

Wednesday 7/11/07 Keys at last!

I picked up my keys to the front door, my gate opener, and my panic pager today [along with my name tag to be worn on Wednesdays]. It was so quiet at the campus - nobody washing their car with the radio blaring - no kids selling drugs in front of the house [yes, that happened the other night at home].

I can hardly wait until Tuesday when I will be officially moved into the grounds.

This is the view out of my front door [through the kitchen window]. I'm not close enough to see the folks inside their unit across the way, but am close to the birdfeeders hanging in the trees - so lots of flutter and lots of natures music.

Back window views [facing south]. My entire back wall is window [from about 3 feet or so above the floor]. There is no walkway back here so no one should be walking by my bedroom at night.
There is an avocado tree just to the right of my back door, and I am allowed to pick the fruit from it [residents can do that, but not staff].

There is a group of residents who pick the variety of fruit trees and set the fruit aside somewhere for the use of the residents [I need to ask where that is].

Here is the kitchen that I have been waxing poetic about. A little less storage space than at home, but the corner cabinet has an odd door and a revolving rack for items there [both upper and lower corner cabinets.]

There's even a whatnot shelf built into the wall [with a glass door]. I need to find some stands to put my "catly" items on, so they can be layered on the larger shelves. Along with cats, I have a reindeer made and painted by a coworkers wife from DWP and an angel purchased from a craft fair somewhere.

There is a very tiny hallway outside the bathroom with a long hanging closet. I'll get some hanging sweater containers to put fabric in [fabric? me?]. There will also be another storage cabinet being built to replace the vanity [not nearly enough makeup to put in it's own unit] on the opposite wall of this sliding door cabinet.

And the bathroom. If I were really agile, I could sit on the toilet and wash my feet in the lavatory. There is also a shower to the right of the toilet.

Nothing in the bedroom yet, so no photos.

I will be moving fabric in for the next few days, and will be moving in officially on Tuesday, the 17th. Parking is not far away, and the dining room is a short walk [so between walking the dogs and going to eat, I should tighten up some of my muscles, right?]

I get 20 meals for the month. After looking at the menu, I may not be cooking this month any more at all. It's going to be tough to get to all 20, but I can't carry them over to the next month.

Moving day!

No photos today, just an update.

I went to Westminster Gardens to sign a batch of papers.

The marketing director and I did a final walk-through the unit and checked everything out. Utilities are all on [oops! we didn't check the water] and the place looks great.

I get my key tomorrow [Wednesday] and will start moving odds & ends into the unit.

Photos tomorrow
Kitten Pics

Blackie has a bed next to my recliner so she can sleep there when I'm home. Otherwise, I lock her in the bathroom with water and litterbox so she can be safe while I'm gone.

She's gotten really good at climbing! She had discovered the ramp for the dog to get up onto my bed, but this morning she leaped up to the side of the bed and pulled herself up. I don't think she can get down the same way [there's a loud "thump" when she lands], but it doesn't seem to bother her.

On Tuesday I sign my final papers to get into Westminster Gardens. I pick up the key on Wednesday and will start moving things in at that time. The movers come on the 17th to pick up the big furniture and I will be officially moving in on that date.

Scary and fun!!!