Thursday, February 12, 2009

OK, I've finally decided to get back to blogging.

first up is Rachel's quilt. I made what felt like hundreds of Hole in the Barn Door blocks from 3" to 16" in size. Rachel picked the fabrics - pink and turquoise. I picked up fabrics on one of the quilt shop hops and had her pick out what she wanted. The blocks finally went together into a long twin size quilt - longer than the 93" batting [I put extra blocks on the back]. Rachel loved it.

This next quilt is Laura's quilt [also a twin size - but not quite as long as Rachel's]. While Rachel was going thru the fabrics to see what she wanted, Laura said that she liked them all - so I used all but one [which I didn't like]. I found this pattern in one of the magazines [but it's already back in the pile, so I don't know which magazine it was]. Laura also loved her quilt. Of course, the girls liking the quilts made the work worthwhile.
One of the things I plan on doing this year is making a batch of lap quilts for our Assisted Living unit. The director said there are about 25 folks there at any time - so I am aiming for 25 - 30 quilts so there can be some choices.
I figured that if I finished 3 a month [of course, along with one I'm making for my 30 something grandson and another one for our Cinco de Mayo [Gail made the top for that one], I really do plan to finish the group of lap quilts for November.
So far I have finished 3 [that means quilted, bound and washed] - Magic Tile [mostly cat fabrics] , a Nine Patch and X block [green 9-patches with yellow blocks with green X], and a Wickedly Easy Quilt in pinks/lavender/green [you can Google that one]. I figure these are my January set. Photos later.
For February - I pinned another Nine Patch and X block [yellow 9-patches with green blocks with yellow X], I have a 9-patch and snowball [light green and off white - still quilting that one], and have another Wickedly Easy quilt ready to pin [as soon as I find the batting that I cut for it].

In November I was elected vice President of our Resident's Association at Westminster Gardens. That means PROGRAMS!!! The budget is small, and finding programs is something totally new for me. So, in addition to making way to many quilts this year [I have to empty my storage unit somehow], I'll be busy with phone calls and several meetings a month. And this is retirement?