Sunday, December 30, 2007

Stashbusting and finishing UFO's

Can't get photos on tonight - but will post anyway.

I finally got hungry enough to buy the makings for spaghetti on Saturday, and had a feast Saturday and Sunday evening [and have enough in the freezer to last several weeks].

On to my New Years Resolution [other than gaining 10 pounds and reading trashy novels! although. . . ]. I'm going to copy another Stashbuster who is going to keep 3 bobbins wound at all times. I'll wind all my empty bobbins tonight [for my Husky machine] and tomorrow [for my Bernina] and that should last a few minutes.

I will join the Stashbuster "No-buy" Program for 2008. It actually started November 1st, but runs through October 31, 2008. The "buy-in" is 12 5" charm squares and a charm square for each yard purchased during the year. There are lots of "allowable" purchases, so I'll see if I can get through a few months without any purchases.

Stashuster is also having a NYE [New Years Eve] challenge making a Sudoku quilt. I've got my fq's cut up and labeled, and my sashing and cornerstones all cut up. I'll go to Sandy's on the 31st and 'sew my heart out'. You can see a photo of my fabric at I'm #18 in the 4.0 NewYear Eve Sudoku project album. [Since I can' get photos here, you need to go there to find the colors.]

I'm also joining UFO challenge 2008. You have to finish 1 UFO per quarter [should be doable], and if you get to the top of the list [a random list of names] you have to finish one that week. I'll save my quillow for that week - it just needs to have the opening sewed closed. Their 'buy in' is 2 fat quarters and 50 cents. There is a quarterly drawing for those who have finished projects, and a quarterly penalty if you don't finish a UFO that quarter.

Chico and I have been to 6 weeks of dog training, and he's doing sooooo much better than his owner. He can sit for 1 minute without moving his butt - he can sit while I drop treats and keep his butt on the ground until I feed him a treat from my hand. The only problem with that one is when the treat drops on my shoe and falls right between his paws - than all bets are off. I'm really proud of him.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas morning

Well - I went prepared to spend Christmas eve and Christmas morning in Temecula - except I took extra batteries and left the camera at home!


We had a great eve dinner [rib roast - I even got to bring some home for me!]

And had a great breakfast and fun morning opening presents.

I left early [about 11:00] to come home to take a nap, take the dogs for a walk and to have another large dinner at Sandy's [rib roast - different seasonings].

Great time at both!

And I'll get the camera there next time.

Hope the year stays healthy - and more money comes in than goes out.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas at Westminster Gardens

You're getting all the Holiday stuff in one fell swoop
A small group of us decorated Packard Hall [our meeting hall, and, until the 19th, our dining room]. My contribution was to climb the ladder [with 2 others] and hang decorations from the ceiling tiles.

I also helped Lily set up the above scene in the Hall [actually, she designed and I did what she said].

There was a fantastic Christmas dinner with an even more fantastic bell choir - along with a tree lighting. There are 2 large trees and one tiny one [all living on our grounds].
I even bought a sweater and white shirt to wear to the dinner [of course, you are missing the ribbon tassels I hung on my tennis shoes].
And! I want you to know I actually decorated [well, my version, anyway]. I hung our guild centerpiece on the front screen door. The woman who made it was told by her husband that she should absolutely NOT bring it home. Of course, that means I have to find a place to put it until next year.

I hung decorations and my Christmas cards on my StashBox quilt that is hanging in the kitchen. I also draped the string table runner [in Christmas fabrics, of course] over one side of it.

There was caroling last night, and our row of homes was visited by the group [not all were]. Chico and Little Bit actually behaved while the singing was going on [although Chico would give a small bark about every 2 minutes].

The boys are official - this is a notice to emergency personnel that 2 dogs live here! I actually have it haning in my kitchen window right now, since the wreath is hanging on the front door.