Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm going to try to behave this year and post at least weekly on the blog.

Our mini-group has decided to swap pairs of 5" blocks this year, with each month being a different color. With 11 ladies in the group - and 3 different pairs of fabrics from each one - that is going to be 396 pairs of fabrics at the end of the year [totaling 792 5" squares]

We started with orange fabrics - and here are a few of the sets. There wasn't a single one that was a duplicate - what fun!

Then I started playing with scrap fabric from my stash to see what pattern I think I want to work with for a year. My first one was Crossroads to Jericho - but using 4 different fabrics in each block meant that I was going to have to wait 4 whole months before I could make blocks from my swap fabrics.

The next trial was this Tripel Four Patch block. I will use 2 different patterns - one with just 3 fabrics and one with 4 fabrics.

I think I like the 4 fabric one best, at least in these colors.

For those of you who were following last years blog - our quilting group on the retirement grounds finished 31 quilts [well - I did 27 of them] and we gave them to the residents of our assisted living lodges at their Christmas party. They still comment on them [favorable] and there were extras to be given as new folks either moved in permanently or temporarily [for illness].
I am president of our resident's association this year and have been attending a variety of meetings outside the campus - along with Westminster Garden Board of Directors meetings. This, of course, meant that I had to find some "presidential" clothing [so far a suit jacket, light colored sweater, black pants that are actually dressy jeans, and black shoes that are NOT tennis shoes]. I've picked up a couple of tops to wear under the jacket, and will look for some scarfs [scarves?] to dress everything up.