Sunday, May 4, 2008


I won this bar at our Cinco de Mayo auction yesterday [actually the third of May]. It fits perfectly into my kitchen as my "dining table". I even put a placemat and table setting on it to see how it looks [I did eat on it last night, but not quite so formally]. I think the stools either need to be cushioned or I may just look for a couple chairs to replace them with.
I donated a quilt for auction [check the March 13th post. It is the lavender and wild print quilt]. It brought $175. Not a spectacular amount, but the woman who purchase it was very excited. We talked for a few minutes afterwords and I think it has gone to a really good home.
One of the nursery wall hangings went for a much better sum, so I will make a twin and a crib sized quilt for the next auction. After all, there are lot of grandparents here who will buy for their grandkids.
The monies raised at the auction will go 3 places: our Living Tapestry [which is a fund to support folks who have outlived their retirement monies], chairs [or tables] for our dining room, and money to the City of Duarte for a Teen Liaison project. We don't have a final count yet, but I'm looking forward to finding out what was actually raised.
I finished the first step of the Orange Crush mystery [142 4 squares] and am working with the Fons and Porter triangle ruler for the half 4-patch blocks. I haven't even started step 3, but will need to pull out more light fabrics from my storage unit to start those. I am NOT a triangle person, so it will be a miracle if these blocks end up size-wise well enough to be put together.