Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Monday sewing

Well, we went through the tubs and found fabric. We even had Sophia helping make choices [we figured out that if she sat on it, it must be good].

Here is one of the choices for fabric [without Sophia! - we got smart and put the fabrics up on the table].

and, here we are, hard at work.

The directions were incredibly easy! We each got a top done and picked out more fabric for our 2nd one. Both got the center of the 2nd top done, and Sandy finished hers after I left Monday night [mine's still in my carrier].

The top one is Sandy's, and the bottom one is mine

These are the centers of our 2nd toppers.

Mine is on the left and Sandy's is below.

We have grandiose [sp?] delusions of making one for each season [or even for each month???]

Sunday, September 2, 2007

New Project?

These blocks are for our guilds Block of the Month for the September exchange.
The directions were incredibly awful, but these come out to a 12-1/2" unfinished block [which is what the chairperson wants].
Hated the directions, but loved the block [and these are 'real' triangles, you know, the kind that draws a line diagonally and sews 1/4" from the line on each side to make 2 blocks].
Loved the block so much that I went out and bought some tan/yellow background and I already have a lot of autumn fabrics, so will make a quilt top.
It is so hot here that I am trying to convince the dogs that we really don't need to go any further than the grass right off the front porch. They weren't happy, but they came in really well.
Two of the ladies at lunch were saying that they don't like air conditioning [???] but use their fans when possible. That's not my choice, but I'm trying hard not to let it get to cold for Chico.
I went back to the storage unit to try to find more fabrics for Sandy's and my Halloween project for tomorrow. I have several bolts in the car and found a small tub full of lime green [possible to use for our stars]. I'm excited to see what we come up with tomorrow.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Hula Night

The "Gardens" had a Luau on Wednesday night [that's typically Chef's Surprise in the dining room] and I invited Sandy and her daughter Debra to attend with me.

Food was great and the gals had a chance to see me in my new element. Next 'soiree' I plan to invite a whole tables worth of folks.

Am I glad that no photos were taken [by folks I know, that is] because I 'volunteered' with a group of other residents [who also don't know how to say no] to learn the hula [bend your knees and move your hips]. We were up on stage with the paid entertainment.

When I went to lunch the next day, I had several folks come by and comment on my 'dancing' ability. I figured I might as well make a fool of myself early in my residencey, figuring that I can't get any worse [please, no testimonials from my 'friends'].

About quilts - if you check out Mehitabel's Musings you can see the charity quilts with binding. I found bindings in our binding box that Marie carries around. Ethel [another Tuesday night regular] gave me a quilt top and back and binding she had finished from a JoAnn's block of the month from many years ago. We'll add that one to our collection and see if we can't get it quilted for the end of the year.

On Friday, Esther [one of our residents] had a tea which included me and 2 other ladies. She likes to get to know the new residents, and she loves to have small get-togethers [not formal - I wore a real blouse and felt quite comfortable with the group]. It's nice to meet that way, since I usually meet people on our walks [the dogs and mine, that is] and by the time I get home I can't remember names.

Sandy and I are going to make a small 'table topper' this Monday that is in the latest Fons and Porter magazine. She e-mailed me and asked me to bring over some Halloween fabric for the project. I found 2 tubs easily in the storage unit [frightening] and may take some of the larger pieces to cut into fat quarters and sell on e-bay [after all, if we're going to be long arm quilting, I'm going to need money for that project]. We'll have photos of those some time next week, I hope.