Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lap Quilts

Here are the 2 quilts I described on my last blog. I am making them for our Assisted Living Unit, and plan to have at least 25 made by October/November so they can choose which quilt they want.

This quilt is the Wickedly Easy Quilt. You can type that into your search engine and find the free pattern for this one

The"Wickedly" quilt was fun to play with. I found a batch of pink, green and purple [and threw in a yellow] and cut up fat quarters for that one.

All of the fabrics for the quilts in this blog were out of my stash [scary thought! - but at least I'm using it up].

The Magic Tile is made of cat fabrics - I even threw in a single dog fq to liven things up. It's one of my favorite quilts - It's not intricate to do, but takes time to cut and sew each step.

And here are the next 2 in the saga of lap quilts

This quilt was made from a whole batch of exchange 9-patches. I used the green 9 patches with the yellow print squares [those are the X blocks] on this one and really liked the way it looks.

And this quilt is made from Log Cabin blocks that were left over from a guild raffle quilt quite a number of years ago. As one of my friends said, it's nice to see them in the light of day instead of in one of my WIP bins [that's Works in Progress]

The dogs are still very happy here. My oldest, Chico, has been diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure and at this point is on meds. His liver has started to enlarge, which means the heart is affecting it. I don't think that's a good sign, but the vet doesn't think the end is imminent. Chico is having his teeth cleaned this week and the vet has given me the talk about not living thru the anesthetic. I think that's mandatory for his condition, but I'm hoping all goes well.

As Vice President of our Residents Association I have been busy finding programs for our Wednesday afternoons. I have a max of 2 per month and once I got over the fear of calling total strangers, I have been finding some fun ones.

Other than quilting like a fiend [I'm finishing a quilt for our Cinco de Mayo auction] I have stayed well this winter. No colds or flu.

I do want to say, though, that I HATE THE TIME CHANGE!!! Getting up early is not my cup of tea or anything else.