Sunday, January 13, 2008


I was at my storage unit the other day, and thought I would let you see my stash. It's only in tubs [most of them are labeled] because I moved in July and my friends helped me get the fabric/WIP's/books sorted.

I have to say that the end of that sorting day must have been 'just enough' since every once in awhile I open a marked tub [maybe 'blue'] and find a Christmas print in it. I have to say I get a kick out of that, because the day was really hectic so I know they were not starting a tub just for some small pieces that were left.

This is a quilt top I made for my sone and daughter-in-law in Cayucos, CA. It is from the Stashbox quilt pattern and I have made 3 of these now. This one is queen/king size and needs to be layered and quilted [will try to get that done by June when I "do" the Central Coast Quilt Run on my way north to see them].

I need to get a minimum of 4 UFO's quilted this year so I don't end up as UFO queen on the Stashbuster list. I've finished one, so that helps for this quarter, and will try to time them so at least one a quarter is finished.

They are located at and the group is a fun way to get motivated to get through your stash.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Finished a UFO

At our sewing on Friday night, I got a quilt from my mini-group on Friday night. They have been working on it for several months - it is for my new 'home'. I specified colors and they did the entire quilt without my seeing it along the way. It is a row quilt, with each row easily identifiable as done by one of my friends.
I put the quilt on the bed when I got home at midnight, and that's Little Bit giving it the "seat of approval". Chico added his approval a little later.

FIRST UFO FINISHED THIS YEAR. I finished a Christmas tree skirt that I had started sometime last year. It was done as string piecing on a muslin background, and I did fine, except I used the bias that should have been the ties as the binding sewn to the cut part that opens to the hole in the center.

Lots of rain last night [Saturday]. When the dogs and I went for our walk this morning there were branches down on the walkway. The boys let me attach their leashes to a water faucet while I cleared the walkway so we could get through. I just pulled everything over to a section in the parking lot for cleanup by maintenance tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year - New UFO

Well - it's 2008 [after reading all those science fiction books in the '50's and '60's I thought the world would be different by now, sigh]. I hope you all had a safe and/or fun New Year's Eve. I sewed with Sandy all day yesterday and her daughter, Deb, made us a special dinner [lamb chops - even better than the lamb at Westminster Gardens] and brought home a sinfully chocolate dessert.

Stashbusters had a challenge for New Years Eve and New Years Day to make a Sudoku quilt top. I actually [surprise to those who know me well] found 9 fat quarters in my house to make the quilt from.

I spent New Years Eve day at Sandy's sewing like a maniac. I finished the basic top [I still don't see any rhyme nor reason to Sudoku puzzles] and will add the red cat border today - after, of course, walking the dogs. I cut my squares 5-1/2" x 6-1/2" and the black sashing is 2-1/2". The border was cut 6-1/2" so will have a large lap robe [or sofa throw].

After the sinful chocolate dessert last night I couldn't get to sleep, so got up about 1:30 a.m. and pulled fabric for a mystery quilt that started even before I got up this morning.

Now, on to breakfast [yes, the boys have been fed] and our walk, and then to more sewing.

Happy New Year all of you, and not only do I hope no bad things happen, I hope for lots of good things for this year.