Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Auction quilt done!

Here are photos of a quilt that Gail M. made [well, she did all the hard work and made the top]. She offered it to me for the Cinco de Mayo auction/celebration. The border is a Frida Kahlo print [self portrait] that will be perfect for our auction.

The quilt came out to 70" x 70" and was more fun to work on than I imagined. I had a tough time starting it because I didn't want to ruin it, but once I got started, it was fun to get help with figuring out what should be quilted in the different areas.

I was going to make a twin size quilt top to put on e-bay, but this one turned out so busy that I made two lap quilts instead. The patriotic one above is one of two small quilts [one will go on e-bay and one will go to our assisted living group]

Here is another quilt - this one for e-bay.

The quilting group on the grounds has been busy helping me make tops for assisted living. We have 9 lap quilts finished and 3 more ready to put the binding down. Since my goal was 3 quilts a month, we are doing really well.

Two of the women have made tops and I will get those quilted soon.

I'm also making a motorcycle quilt for my grandson. The top is finished and I started putting the backing together [it will be "back art" with all the leftover parts of the front].