Sunday, September 19, 2010

I'm baaaack! I was in the Duarte 15th annual Route 66 parade on Saturday the 18th of September. Got to ride in a '58 Corvette with a nice man as my driver. You can't really tell it's me, but it is - hat and all.

The bus from Westminster Gardens was also there with a 3rd vehicle [an old truck - sorry, don't know the year or make or model] with one of our couples sitting in the back.

I went to Asilomar for the Empty Spools Seminar in June with Louise [she wasn't in my class] and Marie W. and Sandy [who were in the Dear Jane class with me]. Fun week with lots of food, walking and just plain fun! The teacher, Brenda Papadakis, was fun.

Yes, I've been quilting all this time. Among other things, I've completed a bed quilt for one of our residents, a lap size quilt for the home office [SCPH] annual golf tournament, and several tops for assisted living. Each incoming resident to assisted living gets a quilt when they have their "welcome" party.


DPUTiger said...

It's great that you're so busy! I've started WEAVING and have GOT to get down into the basement and do some sewing again very son. It's great to see you blogging again. Hope you and the rest of the group are doing well!

Anonymous said...

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