Monday, November 26, 2012


Off to Morro Bay, CA for a weekend of beach and food!!

I finished the quilt for my great-granddaughter, Keeley [she likes giraffes].  It is 72" x 84" and has the green fabric on the back. 

The next one is for Carter Joseph born in mid-September.  It just kept growing and is about 42" square.   It has the purple fabric on the back.

On the way home I drove from the coast to hiway 101 along hiway 41 and found this scarecrow by the mailbox of a farm

I even went to the Cotton Ball quilt shop in Morro Bay for a piece of yellow fabric so I could make and sew on the label for the baby quilt.

As I passed it the first time I thought, "oops, the scarecrow fell over".  Hah!!

It was a great weekend - lots of food - 22 folks at the dinner table.  I haven't been to a family dinner that large for probably more than 30 years.

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